The Lancaster Electrical Co. shop.
Part of the frontage of Barnet Works.
Vans delivering accumulators to the surrounding areas
  One of the original advertising posters for the
Lancaster Electrical Co.
1948 electrically propelled mini-bus with the body built on a Jowett - Javelin chassis.
  Cover for a promotional leaflet, circa 1948/49.
Claude Lane in 1948 driving a Blackpool Standard Car during the Summer Season.
Construction of the underframe for Miniature Tramcar No.23.
Lancaster Electrical Company. standard manufacturer's plate.
  The Boat Car. Under construction in the body shop. 1949/50.
Miniature Tramcar No.23 nearing completion
Windscreens and finishing trims being fitted.
No.23 on its first test with live overhead power
  Being transported across London Bridge, on its way to a garden fete. 1949.
Newspaper ad for the Hadley House Fete,
2nd July 1949, featuring Tram 23.
  Hadley Hall Fete. 2nd July 1949.
On the open ground behind Barnet works. 1949.
  Another garden fete. Uxbridge 1950.
Being transported across London. 1950.
  Tram 23 operating at another garden fete. Note the electric vehicle in the background, acting as a power supply for the tramway.

Cutting from the Barnet local newspaper. 1949.

Overhead pole design. As used with portable track for garden fetes.
  Track layout plan. As used for garden fetes. Note van (the electric truck used for overhead power supply).