Track layout plan for Voryd Park.
Final stage, 1957.
  The Voryd Amusement Park, Rhyl, North Wales. 1953. The picture shows the temporary terminus at Wellington Road.

Voryd Amusement Park, 1953.
The late Brian Martin as a young man, waiting for a trip to the promenade.


Voryd Amusement Park, 1954
No. 23 waiting for its journey back to the promenade.

Voryd Amusement Park. 1957.
No. 23 ready to leave the promenade. To the left is Toast-Rack no.6
At Wellington Road Terminus. Twigden's fairground in the background.
Parents seeing their children off on their tram-ride.
  Rhyl Fairground. 1954
Tickets from the Rhyl era, found beneath the top deck floorboards during restoration.
  Temporary Terminus to the Promenade. Summer 1952.
The Boat Car. Summer 1952. Driver - Allan Gardner.
  Straight track running parallel with Wellington Road.
Toast Rack No.6, Later reconstructed into Seaton Tram no.6.
  Wellington Road Terminus. Summer 1952.
Brian Martin under driving instruction from Claude Lane. Boatcar 225.
  Open top Tram No.3. visited Rhyl for one year only in 1952.
Allan Gardner at the controls of Boatcar 225.
  No.23 travelling past the fairground generator housings on its way to the promenade.
No.23 rounding the corner of the new extension to the promenade in 1953.
  Promenade Terminus with Ticket Kiosk. Fare 6d return.
Wellington Road. Passing Twigden's Bobby Horses.
  Double Deck Car No.3 at the points outside the depot.
Claude Lane inspecting the trolley base. Note the lightweight traction pole from the portable garden fete equipment.
  Mr Twigden's grandson driving the illuminated No.23 Tramcar. Notice the removal of the centre doors and driver's cab doors. This was taken during the final weeks before the closure of the tramway in Rhyl.
Boat Car 225 at Promenade temporary terminus. Note the two different lengths of track.
  Voryd Hall in the 1930's.
Voryd Hall Amusement Park,1959. The trams departed in 1957.
  Aerial View of Voryd Amusement Park. 1959.
View from across the Marine Lake, looking towards Voryd Amusement Park. The track in the foreground is from the original steam railway.